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Time# is the start at Curry Rivel (or 10 mins earlier if we take the Wells route) then  

Langport is +5 min, Somerton + 20 min,

then either Keinton + 30 min, Shepton + 50 min,  

or  Street +35 min,  Glastonbury+ 40 min, Wells + 55 min        

To reserve use Booking Page, e-mail  or Phone 01458 273085

This Cloud download will take a few secnds to come in.

If too small for you, use 'Full Screen' button, bottom right.

Bookings  may usually be cancelled with no charge up to the pay date (See Payment Diary).  Requests for shows marked 'On booking'  depend on coach space and  theatre availability.

All trips are evening unless Mat stated. Prices are Band B (rear stalls|) and Band A (6 to 10 rows back).


Charity Theatre Trips to Bristol Hippodrome

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